Nancy Morgan
Christian, Dance Instructor, Choreographer, Jewelry
Crafter, Friend, Sister, Aunt, Wife, Mother, &
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New Dances!
Dancing has been my passion for over 30 years.  It makes me feel happy!  Since I started dancing my life has changed alot.  My son found me (he was put up for adoption), I have had the
privledge to teach alot of people to dance, I have made alot of friends and aquaintences.  I have a grandson, a wonderful husband, a new life in Arkansas, and most of all, God.  I feel more at
peace than ever in my life.  My new focus is on West Coast Swing.  I am still choreographing some line dances, but here in Arkansas, there just is not alot of line dancing.  I have joined the Little
Rock West Coast Swing Club and the Little Rock BOP club.  I am now taking  Zumba which is great!  My son and grandson now live with me.  I work at the Veterans Administration hospital and I
love it!  Look around here and see what you like.  I am also on Facebook and on Youtube.